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5th Missouri Infantry
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Our primary impression is that of the Fifth Missouri Infantry, Company A. This unit was formed from Johnson County recruits and served under General Sterling Price in the Missouri State Guard, then in General John S. Bowen's division of the Confederate Army of the West, and eventually under Warrensburg's Brigadier General Francis Marion Cockrell as part of the Army of Tennessee.  While part of the MSG's 8th Division, the company fought at Carthage, Oak Hills and Lexington Missouri & Elk Horn Tavern Arkansas. The 5th Missouri Regiment was formed in 1862 in Mississippi under the command of Col. James P. McCown of Johnson County. Company A was commanded by Owen A. Waddell of Warrensburg. He was later promoted to Major and died at Alatoona Pass, Georgia. After Waddell's promotion, Capt. Royal Stokely commanded the Company until mortally wounded at Port Gibson Mississippi. Capt. Barnett Atkeson succeeded in command, and died at Franklin Tennessee.  After the fall of Vicksburg, the Regiment was consolidated with the 3rd Missouri, and served with distinction until eventually surrendering near Mobile Alabama on April 9, 1865. Some members returned west of the Mississippi River following Vicksburg and served out the war under General John S. Marmaduke.

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