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5th Missouri Infantry

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2010 Event Schedule
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* Sept 3-5, 2010, Lamoni, IA Civil War event (MCWRA Max Effort) * Location: Lamoni IA is on I-35, 6 miles north of MO state line * Contact: reenactor contact - Doug Jones at * Event Website:

Sept 18-19, 2010, Blue Springs, MO Living History "Thunder on the Border" at living history village * Location: Missouri Town is in Fleming Park, Jackson County. MO-7 south from Blue Springs and look for signs. * Contact: * Event Website:

Sep 25-26, 2010, Pilot Knob MO 146th Anniversary of Battle of Pilot Knob (MCWRA Max Effort) * Location: Ft. Davidson SHS, Arcadia Valley in SE MO * Contact: reenactor contact - * 5th Missouri priority: 1st.

Oct 1-3, New Madrid, MO Event "Joining the 1st Missouri" showing the enlistment of soldiers in 1861 * Location: New Madrid is in the Bootheel region, I-55, exit 44 * Contact:

Oct 8-10, Brownsville, NE Generic reenactment * Location: Brownsville NE is on Missouri River, I-29 exit 110. * Contact: * Event Website:

Oct 15-17 Houston, MO Reenactment, details TBA (MCWRA Max Effort) * Location: Houston is in southern MO, on US-63 16 miles north of Cabool (US-60) * Contact: Stephen Gale 417 217-0572 * 5th Missouri priority: 4th

November 11-14, Collierville TN Reenactment: Battle of Twin Rivers * Location: * Contact: * Event Website: State Park website

December 4-5, Prairie Grove, AR Reenactment: 148th Anniversary of Battle of Prairie Grove * Location: Prairie Grove is about 10 miles west of Fayetteville on US-62 * Contact: * Event Website: * 5th Missouri priority: 3rd

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