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5th Missouri Infantry
June-August 2002
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The news letter for the Fifth Missouri June, July, August 2002

Columbia, Missouri 1860’s Living History Town

September 20 - 21, 2002 At Nifong Park

This week end is the Columbia event “Living History” this is a prime opportunity for us to get together and work out details on the Perryville event trip and do some recruiting. Friday night arrivals are welcome. Bring your Gray, Blue and Civilian uniforms and what ever else you have, who knows what we will be doing. If you need to roll cartridges bring your stuff but we will not be shooting. Powder and caps will be available for purchase. Any living history items would be nice to have along. Yes, no gun cleaning! Sorry Sgt Crane. The following is some information about the event.

The City of Columbia’s Heritage Festival is an experience you don’t want to miss. It is held at Nifong Park and the festival encircles the historic home of Dr. and Mrs. Nifong. There are plenty of historic crafters, musical showcases including bluegrass, country, jazz, 50’s and 60’s bands, and cowboy poetry. There are also three historic interpretations areas: American Indian, Early Missouri Fur Trappers, and Old West. In 2001, the 1860’s Living History Town was included in the heritage festival. We had a great time and we hope that you will join us in our encounters with the ever-impressed public! Some of the impressions we had in attendance last year included: a school marm and students, a mortician, a doctor, a pair of bakers, a politician, an apple cider company, a widow, a musician, a U.S. Marshall, an artist, a couple of State Guard Infantrymen, a broom maker, a lace maker, a printer, and two sutler mercantile. We set up our town with streets and basic amenities include straw, water, wood, and outhouses. There are modern food vendors until about 5:00pm so if you don’t want to slave over a fire, you don’t have to.

The Boone County Historical Society is right next door for your “antiquity viewing pleasure” and the Nifong home will be available for tours throughout the weekend. Just up the street within walking distance is a HUGE antique mall for those in your family who enjoy the experience but do not “dress” for the weekend.

THIS IS NOT A BATTLE REENACTMENT; however, infantry drilling, recruiting tables, stump speeches, and the like, would be highly encouraged. Directions to Nifong park

From east or west on I-70 take the Highway 63 “Jefferson City” exit at Columbia. Turn right (from the West) or left (from the East) or simply South towards Jefferson city. Enter Hwy 63 south from the interchange and travel south until the AC / Nifong exit (third exit, it’s a over pass). Take the AC / Nifong exit and turn right at the top of the ramp. At the 1st stop light (there will be a Texaco and First National bank on your right) turn left this will be Nifong road. Drive on Nifong for about 100 yards to the 1st road Ponderosa turn left the Nifong park is on your right at this intersection. The entrance is just before the historical society.

Report Of action of Company A Wentzville MO.

On the instance of the 7th , 8th and 19th of June I have the honor of reporting the actions of Company A 21st Missouri Infantry. Upon arriving in Wentzville in the evening, our company set camp then Sgt Crane and my self located other members of the 21st MO whom arrived earlier in the day and then settled in for the night in hostile territory.

On the morning of the 8th the weather held quite favorably. The morning formation and roll call conducted by 2st Sergeant Crane and report given to me read as follows: Present Capt L Dietzel, 1st Lt S, Fink 2nd Sgt C Crane, Cpl White, Pvt Couthon, Pvt Tacket, Pvt Abernathy, Pvt Burton, Pvt Reed, Pvt Hafley. The following civilians had also sought refuge with in the Federal camp of the 21st Mo Mrs. Fink, Mrs. Abernathy, Mr. Z. Crane. I reported to Lt Col Stan Prater the Commanding officer of the Federal forces whom was related to the southern Colonel Ted Prater who we all know by reputation. The situation was briefed which detailed the Missouri rebels who had shot at the train from which we had disembarked the proceeding day were camped near the area. At about 1:00 pm we sent out or forces to locate and disband the rebs. As we approached the area a small group of militia none in uniforms fired upon our ranks. We returned fire and started to push to the enemy line when a group of mounted gorillas exploded from the wood line on our right flank. After some intense moments we were able to repel the attack and with drew back to the camp. Casualties were light and all men were accounted for. The evening was spent with regards to the hospitality of Mrs. Fink and Mrs. Abernathy.

The next Morning roll call was held and the company was down by three men. The morning was spent drilling and finding shade from the sun and hot weather. At about 1:00pm we formed up in rank and marched out to relocate the Missouri rebels and give them a good trashing. We marched our troops down a wooded road on the high side of a creek which ran to our right. After a short march the rebels were spotted on the far side of the creek. The men were marched down a steep hill and across the creek and formed a battle line just out of the wood line. As soon as the companies formed into rank the command to fire was given. The rebels were surprised by the sudden attack but did not break. We pushed the rebels back until they brought up a canon which reeked havoc upon our lines. One brave or may I say not so smart cav rebel road up to our line and demanded our surrender and he was answered with a shot killing him on the spot. We fell back off the field leaving dead and wounded to the rebels, there fate unknown. We marched back to the train and departed this bastion of robbers and cut thoughts, Wentzville, MO.

One day we will drive these devils from our fair state and once again peace will fall allowing safe travel for good union men and women.

I am, respectfully,

Yr Most Obed’t Servant

Capt. L Dietzel

21st Missouri Infantry Co A

Report Of action of Company A at St Charles Mo.

On the instance 6th 7th & 8th of September members of the Fifth Missouri Inf formed in the city of St Charles MO. Present were Capt L Dietzel, 2nd Sgt C Crane, Pvt Rec S Steer, Pvt Rec J Jones.

Sgt Crane, Mr. Z Crane and I arrived at the Site located on the banks of the Missouri river at about 10:00 pm. We set up camp and attempted to locate any members of the Fifth but were unable to do so. The next morning Pvt Rec S Steer, Pvt Rec J Jones arrived in camp. At about 8:00 am the officers call was held and I was appointed the field commander for the confederate forces. The infantry consisted of the 11th Mississippi numbering about 11 and the Fifth numbering 3 with one guy named Chuck falling in with us. The limitations on the site were about 40 feet in the middle of the field for us to play in due to all the cannon about 10 pieces due to there safety zone. Things would get fun out there.

Pvt Steer had just purchased his entire kit and was itching to come out and play. But due to family obligations he had to wait until later in the day. We were not sure about what we were going to do for food but to our surprise the event was going to feed us three prepared meals for the weekend. At about noon we were fed a fried chicken dinner and very good it was!

At about 1:00pm we formed up “he he” all four of us and marched off to the starting point for the battle. We were in reserve until the artillery and cav engaged then we entered the fight. For such a small event and low numbers it went very well. At about 3:00 pm Pvt Rec S Steer arrived and dressed out for his first event. Supper was held on a barge on the Missouri river the food was first rate! We spent the evening sitting under the fly talking it up and enjoying the nice weather. On Sunday Sgt Crane drilled the men and prepared them for the battle in first rate military order. Our camp was graced with the presence of Pvt Rec J Jones Mother whom stayed for the day. After a another chicken dinner which was as good as the 1st the men were drilled a little more in preparation of the up coming fight. The battle went about the same less the Capt of the Fifth was killed leading a flanking movement upon the federal right. This move drove the federals back from there works but the great loss of our men caused us to pull out of the fight.

This was a great event, nice site with historic buildings, along with being fed very well. I will suggest we make this a yearly event. We were able to hand out several packets to folks interested in reenacting. All I can say is I had a very good time.

Perryville event preparation

By L Dietzel

At this time the Perryville event will be a campaign stile event this may change. Prepare to be wet if it rains, and it may be chilly at night. I know we in the fifth don’t melt. So my suggestion would be pack your gear so you have what you need with you after a day of fighting it could be a long walk back to civilian camp. So,” what do I need to do?” You may ask, the following is a basic guide for packing.

Pack or Bed roll

The first thing you will need is a good size blanket with twine or small rope to tie it up with or a proper pack. The less is better is a good rule of thumb to follow because stuff = weight and weight = pain. The basics are a change of underwear, socks for each day (socks are very important), extra shirt if you wish. Personal gear tooth brush and powder, talcum powder (very important), moleskin, gum blanket and or poncho, gloves and stocking cap, a shelter tent if you wish with extra rope, you can carry wooden stakes if you wish or just rig it in the field. You may wish to split the shelter with a pard, less weight to pack and that is the way is was to be done. You may add items as you see fit.

Food items

Remember the weight thing well it still applies. Where do I put my food? Well you know that little black bag you have all your junk items in? Yes the haversack! It is intended for you to carry all the food items for the next several days. First take all the stuff from the sack and if you need it all put it in your bedroll or pack.

Ok here is the good stuff. Food stuffs to take- beef jerky, slab bacon salt or smoke cured you have to get it through the butcher, Dried beans or rice, hardtack, dried fruit, potatos sweet or normal your choice, tined oysters, apples, hard cheese, Seasonings. You may just want to pack up some MRE’s it not quite accurate but they work. The tin cans of soup and stew will get heavy real quick so you may want to limit the number of them. Here are some food stuffs the real boys may have cooked up on the fire.Desecrated vegetables- dehydrated vegetables issued in pressed blocks You can make your own by dehydrating vegetables of your choosing and placing them in to a poke bag.Salt Pork- Slab bacon is the close to what the real stuff was like. Do not get the packaged stuff in the meat section but this is uncut blocks from the butcher make sure it is cured. Cut into manageable squares and wrap in a cloth or wax paper.

Coffee beans-carry in a poke bag and crush as you need. Pain in the tookes to do.

Essence of Coffee- a tar like mix of pre made coffee just add to hot water.( instructions are in the web site)

Hardtack pudding- crush a couple (may take several) hard tack up into a powder and add water until a pie-crust consistency. Next roll in dried fruit as you like. Wrap the mix into a clean cloth and boil for one hour. You may want to add sugar or spice as needed.

What do I cook all this fine grub in? Well if you want to lug around a 10 inch iron skillet you can but a tin plate, cup with a bale, and or canteen half, along with a knife, fork and spoon, will do you fine.

Weapons and such

The cartridges you will need for a good two days of fighting about 120 rounds should do. Pack these in a large plastic zip lock bag to keep dry and place in your bed roll. don’t forget to put a bunch in to the cartridge box. Extra tin of caps in the bedroll may be handy. Pack your musket cleaning kit also a small fold up cleaning rod and patches small amount of oil or bacon grease (after eating) will do in a pinch to get the rust off.

Well this will get you a good start on the way to being ready for Perryville. If any one has other tips you may like to post them on the Fifth’s web forum so we all can read it. Good luck and see you on the field.

Mexico MO Living History Graceland Historical Park

September 28 - 29, 2002

Folks I think this will be similar to the Columbia Living history so we will have a better idea of what we will need for this one after Columbia. Please try to make this event we need to get some good drill in for our new guys before Perryville. It is hard to drill with only three or four guys on the field, just does not work. So make a effort to attend thanks! This should be a fun event to do! I don’t know how to get there but Mexico MO is not a large town, the event is located at the Graceland Historical Park on Muldrow Street there is Mexico. Should be easy to locate.

The Audrain County Historical Society’s Heritage Festival is one that is small but growing. It is held at Graceland Historical Park on Muldrow Street in Mexico, Missouri. There will be historic and modern crafters and four areas of historic interpretation: American Indian, Early Missouri Fur Trappers, 1860’s Civil War Town, and Old West.

We will set up our town with streets and basic amenities including straw, water, wood, and outhouses. There will be modern food vendors and set up may begin on Friday afternoon.

Saturday night will feature a first person candlelight tour of Graceland and all four historic period camps. Living historians are encouraged to help with the tours through the house and employment opportunities in the period town. We need all sort of different “employment” of the period so do try to present some type of occupation. We all want to dress nice any chance we get, but how often do we have the opportunity to share an occupation at an event? However, if you wish to dress in your finery and not present an occupation in the “town”, I encourage you, ladies, to bring your supper/ball gown and ,you, gentlemen, your fine suits. Please plan to do a little something in the house. General Grant is even expected to make an appearance! “Steve Fink I need you there!” The city of Mexico will provide security throughout the weekend.THIS IS NOT A BATTLE REENACTMENT; however, infantry drilling, recruiting tables, stump speeches, and the like, would be highly encouraged, as would any impromptu situations pertaining to the period. Thank you for sharing your love of the antebellum period and the War Between the States with the public. It is our responsibility to keep history alive and to teach the old ways to those who do not know.

Marker dedication Mount zion church June 2 2002

The Fifth Missouri Conducted honor guard duties for the Confederate memorial day dedication held at the Boone County Court House and also the dedication of a monument for the Battle of Mount Zion in rule Boone county. Present were Capt L Dietzel, 2nd Sgt C Crane, Cpl M White. The Monument is of the same type placed at Lexington MO and Piolt Knob MO for the honor of the Missouri state guard.


The fifth Missouri Inf. web site

You may want to check the web site over the next two weeks. I will be posting information about Perryville event when I get it. Also there will be car pool info posted soon.

Perryville Event info

The following folks are registered to attend the event. If you missed the deadline and are not registred let me know we have three open slots. You will not be allowed to pay at the gate so you need to be given the registration info so you can get into the site. If you have room for someone to ride with you let me know or if you are needing a ride let me know. Looks like Thursday night will be the departure date.

bullet Larry Dietzel
bullet Steve Fink
bullet Travis Tackett 10.00 due
bullet Allan Bowling
bullet Ann Bowling-Civ
bullet David Abernathy
bullet Stacy Aoran -Civ
bullet Meoli Mike 20.00 due
bullet Mike White 5.00 due
bullet David Plowman
bullet Sam Hafley
bullet Clint Crane
bullet Richard Burton
bullet Shane Stear

The following people have spaces available for carpooling:

Larry Dietzel  3 seats taken,

  1. Clint Crane
  2. Sam Hafley
  3. Mike White

Steve Fink 3 seats available

PERRYVILLE Camping Guidelines

Historic Scenario – The majority of the civilians inhabiting the town of Perryville and the surrounding farms at the time of the battle simply left the area while the battle was ongoing. Therefore, the historical scenarios that will be created to use on the battlefield will be specifically designed to deal with the aftermath of battle and the ensuing hardships visited on the local citizens. These impressions can include local or national aid groups, refugees that are migrating through the area to either escape military encroachment or are returning to areas that the military formally occupied. Additionally, there are many documented accounts of local farm families trying to deal with the destruction of their structures and land as well as families of soldiers who have come to the area to retrieve a wounded or deceased soldier. All of these impressions are appropriate and are encouraged for Central Kentucky during the fall of 1862.Civilian participants should have an appropriate and functional impression that will conform to the above stated scenario. Civilian Guidelines –These guidelines were created to enable all civilian participants as well as the visiting public to experience a unique historical re-creation. These guidelines will be strictly enforced within the civilian living history area. Civilian Campsite – In order to assure the comfort and safety of participants period tents shall be used in an orderly fashion within the civilian living history area. This area will be open to the public and should reflect 19th century aesthetics. Anachronistic items are strictly prohibited within the civilian living history encampment. The following items are expressly prohibited: hay bales used as furnishings, modern folding chairs of any type, visible modern food packaging, visible coolers, enamelware of any kind, military flags, electronic devices, pets (animals used as livestock are welcome, please see specifications regarding horses under cavalry guidelines.) Modern vehicles other than during specified unloading and loading times. Civilian Attire – Appropriate period attire only. The following items are prohibited: modern eyeglasses, modern footwear, modern hairstyles, obvious cosmetics, and modern jewelry including wristwatches. Participants in the civilian living history are required to be in period attire the entire time the area is open to the public. Military Interaction – Interaction with the military is encouraged in the historical scenarios that are being developed for the event. However, the following items are strictly prohibited: military flags, stacked military arms or accoutrements unless they are in conjunction with a pre-determined civilian scenario, and military elements residing in the civilian camp. MIXED CAMP GUIDELINES Mixed Camp Guideline – In order to accommodate everyone who wishes to participate in the event a mixed camp has been established for individuals who find it desirable to camp as a family unit or a mixed civilian/military unit. The following guidelines were adopted to ensure the best possible experience for the participant as well as the visiting public. These guidelines will be strictly enforced. Mixed/Military Dependent Campsite - In order to assure the comfort and safety of all participants period tents may be used. Campsite shall be laid out in “company street” style. The following items or activities are strictly prohibited: modern tents, modern pop-up chairs, visible sleeping bags, visible coolers, electronic devices, and visible modern food packaging. Mixed Camp Attire - Appropriate period attire only. The following items are prohibited: modern eyeglasses, modern footwear, modern hairstyles, obvious cosmetics, and modern jewelry including wristwatches. Participants in the civilian living history are required to be in period attire the entire time the area is open to the public.

Firing weapons in camp is strictly prohibited. Vehicles may only be in camp during specified loading and unloading times.

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